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New Services: Plan for the utilization of Information Technology

The Cairo Centre aims to deploy a set of computerized systems to support its administrative and logistical operations, and to develop a long-term plan with the aim to achieve the full advantage of information technology. On 16 May 2012, CRCICA concluded an agreement with an Egyptian IT solutions development company, LADIS (Legislation & Development Information Systems) to implement such plan. The plan would target the achievement of the following objectives:

  • Implementation of an integrated case management system.
  • Design and implementation of an integrated set of business processes for the follow-up of alerts and correspondence with an objective to reduce the human factor to the least possible degree.
  • Cataloging and classifying all documents and files into an electronic archive.
  • Implementation of an Intranet site for the dissemination of the proceedings of the arbitrations and to enable staff and researchers to search the site.
  • Cataloging and classifying rulings of the Appeal and Cassation courts that concern arbitration.
  • Preparation to build a public website enabling all workers in the field of arbitration to access it.
  • Printing the Egyptian Arbitration Law and amendments thereto in the form of an Annotated Code.
  • Research and development work for an integrated system for recording and reporting arbitration hearing sessions (stenography) and try to market it locally and regionally.
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 Published on May 16 2012

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