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THE ARBITRAL TRIBUNAL COURSE : Second Module in CRCICA’s Annual Arbitration Training Program

The 2012 round of CRCICA Annual Arbitration Training Program started in May 2012 by the Arbitration Agreement Module. On 9-11 September, the second module on THE ARBITRAL TRIBUNAL took place. The course was a balanced combination of lectures and tutorials. Unlike the traditional format of arbitral tribunal programs, which mainly focuses on the composition of tribunals, the CRCICA agenda tackled all aspects related to the tribunal including the appointment of arbitrators, the scope and nature of their mission as well as challenge, removal, resignation and replacement of arbitrators. Considerable attention was also given to the rights, obligations and liabilities of arbitrators. Attendees were a mixture of lawyers, engineers and governmental officials from Egypt, Syria, Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia.

In an interesting initiative, the course featured Dr. Hamza Haddad, the Director of the Law and Arbitration Centre (JORDAN) and Dr. Nassib Ziadé, Director of the Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC) (LEBANON), who volunteered to contribute to the course to share their respective extensive experiences regarding the appointment and challenge of arbitrators.

It is notable about the tutorial methodology of this four-module training round that tutors, Dr. Mohamed Abdel Raouf, CRCICA Director, and Dr. Mohamed S. Abdel Wahab, Vice President of the Cairo Branch of the CIArb, have both Civil Law and Common Law backgrounds and they lectured together instead of separately to give participants a wide interactive legal exposure.


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 Training date Sep 09 2012

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