The Director of CRCICA appointed in the CAS ad hoc Committee for the Tokyo Olympics 2020

In a communication by the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS), the CAS announced the nomination and appointment of Dr. Ismail Selim, Director of the Centre, as a member of the CAS ad hoc Committee for the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020, to take place from 23 July to 8 August 2021 in Japan.

The Director will thus sit in Tokyo, as an arbitrator, in disputes arising out of the Olympics, holding jurisdiction, as part of the CAS ad hoc Committee for the Olympics 2020, from 10 days to the start of the Olympic Games until the end of the competition.

Appointment as an arbitrator by the CAS is an autonomous process, held entirely and independently by the Court of Arbitration for Sports. Dr. Ismail Selim was selected spontaneously, through this process in which the CAS selects individuals it sees best fit to act as adjudicators during these events.

The Centre itself is also the sole Alternative Centre for Audiences approved by the CAS for CAS proceedings in the African region. This status is also held in other regions by six institutions located in the UAE, US, Malaysia, Australia and China.

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