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Training Course on International Commercial Arbitration, Riyadh, KSA

On 26-29 January and 23-26 February 2020, in Riyadh, KSA, Dr. Ismail Selim Director of CRCICA delivered the last two phases of a four-round training course on “International Commercial Arbitration” organized jointly by CRCICA and the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce & Industry. The last two phases focused respectively on arbitration procedures and arbitration award, while the course was designed to approach, in details, the procedures of the commercial arbitration process. It is worth saying that the first and second phases were delivered on 10-13 November and 1-4 December 2019, and focused respectively on the arbitration agreement and the arbitral tribunal. For more details on the previous phases, please refer to our Fourth quarter newsletter of 2019.

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 Published on Jan 26 2020

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