CRCICA is on the White List of the GAR Guide to Regional Arbitration in 2017 Middle East and Africa


The GAR Guide to Regional Arbitration 2017 topped CRCICA on the White List for Middle East and Africa together with the Dubai International Financial Centre – London Court of International Arbitration (DIFC-LCIA). The Report represents GAR’s pick of the best institutions across the Middle East and Africa including a total of ten centres in the Middle East and Africa and solely enroll two among them on its White List. It is notable that CRCICA has been prestigiously listed since 2013 onwards in the GAR Regional Guide and the 2017 version comes to symbolize a prideful peak by enrolling CRCICA on the White List.

Following are some features of the Report justifying this prestigious ranking:

Why is it on the White List?

According to the Report, the CRCICA is the “granddaddy” of arbitration in the region, to quote one source. It’s been operating for 35 years, during which time it has administered more than 1,000 cases, many with an international element. Other local organizations look to it for inspiration.

What are Cairo’s strengths

It’s been operating for long enough to have encountered most situations at least once. It’s also well managed. Together these factors see it described as “the current class of the field” in the Middle East.

Who got it to this point?

The CRCICA has had a string of highly respected directors. For many years it was led by Mohamed AboulEnein, a former judge and law professor.. His charisma, and willingness to travel and engage around the world, made him and the centre early arbitration celebrities. The following directors Dr. Nabil El Arabi, ex-diplomat and international judge and Dr. Mohamed Abdelraouf pursued the vigorous promotion of the centre. The latter was appointed a Vice-President of the ICCA in 2014.

For more information, please check: GAR Guide to Regional Arbitration 2017, “GUIDE TO REGIONAL ARBITRATION MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA”, Global Arbitration Review, pp. 52-55).

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 Published on Mar 31 2017

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