CRCICA Library Digitization: Digital Window to Library’s Catalogue!

During the recent months, CRCICA witnessed a new phase of its Library’s Digitization project to be more responsive to the needs of the users and to provide digital access to its rich resources of legal information. During late 2019 and 2020, a digital security system was equipped to secure the soft and hard holdings of the Library. The system included a digital backup of the database, smoke detectors, alarm system, and a Radio Frequency Identification technology system (RFID) to monitor and secure books and hard publications.

The Library’s modernization project started after the library renovation in July 2017, by Go Digital (now known as Asia for Support and Development Information Systems). The project aims to increase the efficiency of the Library management in order to provide optimal service through a digital system computerizing all transactions. By December 2018, the technical operation and system installation were workable including equipping the Library with a digital database, coding, digital lists of topics, and the digitalization of videotapes of conferences and events. Moreover, the project provided technical classification, cataloging, and shelving of all information resources, maintenance, and the restoration of old books. Notably, the outcome of the listing of books and hard publications exceeded expectations; about 7000 books were coded in the Library’s database.

As a further step, CRCICA is currently working on the renewal of its website to reflect the above and allows its users and subscribers to have a digital visit to its Library catalog to experience its full records and resources of information.

Finally, the CRCICA thanks and pays tribute to Ms. Amira Guirguis who oversaw the library modernization project for her dedication and hard work thereby leading to the success of the project.

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