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CRCICA Mediation Webinar “Mediation as a Means of Resolving Disputes in Times of Crisis”

On 17 June 2020, CRCICA organized a webinar titled “Mediation as a Means for Dispute Resolution in Times of Crisis” with more than 500 registered participants and 1,700 views on CRCICA’s various social media platforms. The speaker was Mr. Fehmi Karami, Mediator, International Arbitrator and Trainer on Mediation (Lebanon). Ms. Fatma Ibrahim, Mediation Special Advisor at CRCICA was the moderator and Dr. Ismail Selim, CRCICA’s Director, delivered the opening speech. Dr. Selim highlighted the importance and privileges of mediation, inter alia, saving time and providing cost-effective solutions.

Mr. Karami focused on mediation as an alternative and amicable dispute resolution process where parties resort to a neutral third party (the mediator) to assist in reaching a win-win solution. He also shed light on types of mediation, the selection of the mediator, the role of the mediator in seeking how each party achieve its goals. Finally, Mr. Karami drew attention to the important role of some Arab and international institutions in promoting mediation including the CRCICA as one of the most qualified centers for training on mediation.

Click here to watch the full webinar

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 Event date Jun 17 2020

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