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CRCICA Recent Caseload – Hearing at the CRCICA

The total number of cases filed before CRCICA until 31 March 2020 reached 1401 cases. In the first quarter of 2020, 16 new cases were filed compared to 23 new cases filed in the first quarter of 2019.

The Centre’s caseload in the first quarter of 2020 involved disputes relating to various sectors, including Construction, Real Estate Development, Food Manufacturing, Export-Import, Media & Entertainment, and Corporate Restructuring.


The first case involved a contract for works as part of a construction project at the North Coast of Egypt. The second case involved a contract for civil works for the implementation of a walkway in the 6th of October City. The third case involved a financing agreement for the construction of a project in Hurghada. The fourth case related to a sub-contract for works to construct temporary elements in a refinery located in Qaliubiya governorate. The fifth case involved a consultancy agreement for the development of shop drawings for a project in the New Capital.

Three cases related to the media & entertainment sector. The first case involved an agency agreement for the sale of tickets between two Egyptian companies. The second case involved an acting contract between an Egyptian actress and an Egyptian production company related to the production of a TV show. The third case involved a contract for exclusive appearances on an Egyptian network’s shows.

Three cases related to corporate restructuring. The first case involved a memorandum of understanding for the sale of shares between a Saudi-Arabian buyer and an English company. The second case involved an escrow agreement following a share purchase agreement. The third case involved a shareholders’ agreement between an Iraqi company and an Egyptian company over the management of their Iraqi company.

Two cases related to the real estate development sector. The first case arose out of a partnership agreement between an Egyptian real estate investment company and an Egyptian real estate developer. The second case involved a dispute arising out of a consultancy agreement between an Egyptian design company and an Egyptian real estate developer.

One case related to export-import and involved a licensing agreement between an Egyptian public company and a Pakistani company.

One case involved a purchase agreement between a Yemeni private company and a Yemeni Public Entity.

One case related to food manufacturing and involved a distribution agreement between a Kuwaiti distributor and an Egyptian manufacturer.

The first quarter of 2020 witnessed the appointment of 39 arbitrators from Australia, Egypt, France, Italy, and Lebanon.


Of the 39 arbitrators appointed this quarter, 2 were under 40.


The Centre acted as appointing authority for some cases, appointing 6 of the 39 arbitrators appointed this quarter.

Arbitration proceedings in the first quarter involved parties from Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, and Yemen.


Amongst the 16 cases filed in this quarter, 7 cases, representing nearly 44%, were conducted in English, while 9 cases, representing 56%, were conducted in Arabic.


Hearings at the CRCICA

During this quarter, CRCICA hosted 19 hearings: 2 cases related to ad hoc proceedings, one case related to an ICC proceeding, and 16 cases related to CRCICA cases.


Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, many hearings scheduled for March were rescheduled or canceled and entirely replaced. One procedural hearing was held via teleconference, with each participant calling in from separate locations. A hearing for oral pleadings was canceled and replaced with the exchange of further written memoranda.

Nevertheless, most hearings were postponed for May, where tribunals and parties showed great willingness in incorporating videoconferencing or teleconferencing technology in the proceedings.

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 Published on Jan 01 2020

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