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Egypt Branch Supports the DRBF MENA Regional Conference and Workshop

On 14- 15 November 2022, the Egypt Branch supported the Dispute Resolution Board Foundation (DRBF) MENA Regional Conference and Workshop hosted by the CRCICA (the seat of the Branch). The DRBF Workshop, held on 14 November 2022, was designed for candidates interested in serving on DBs and implementing DBs for the first time. The Workshop was delivered by experienced DRBF tutors and practitioners. The Programme of the DRBF Conference, held on 15 November 2022, included topics relating to the application of the DB Rules, its best practices and dispute avoidance. Experienced DRBF speakers presented the advantages of DB Rules, CRCICA’s DB Rules, FIDIC and other international DB Rules, and their application in the region, the importance of expertise and of independence and impartiality for successful DBs. The conference was concluded by a roundtable discussion on the distinctive issues and challenges facing DB application by project and DB experts.

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 Published on Nov 14 2022

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