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Fourth Branch Committee Meeting 2022

The fourth Committee Meeting of the CIArb Egypt Branch was held virtually on 2 December 2022. Members approved the agenda of the meeting and the minutes of the latest Committee Meeting as recorded on 6 September 2022. The Branch Chair, Prof. Dr. Abdel Raouf, presented a brief on the CIArb Congress held on 8-9 November 2022, which included a discussion amongst a number of the Chairs of CIArb Branches about what can branches do to assist members to get appointments as arbitrator, adjudicator and mediator. Dr. Abdel Rauf reported the re-election of Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel Wahab as the CIArb Trustee Board Member for the Middle Eastern Indian Sub-continent Region and his election as CIArb President from January 2025. The Branch Chair also presented a brief on CIArb Chair Meeting and CIArb AGM held successively on 26 and 29 September 2022. The meetings focused on the approval on the proposed amendments to the Charter, By-Laws, and BoT appointments of non-legal background.

The Branch Vice-Chair and Treasurer, Dr. Ismail Selim, presented a brief on the Branch Treasurers’ Meeting held on 15 – 17 November 2022. The Treasurer meeting focused on the approval of the 2022 half-year pack, IT update, and CIArb rebranding.

Members discussed other items of the agenda including the Branch Development Plan and Budget 2023, latest update on the Branch membership, Branch AFL status, possible cooperation with Metropolis Academy in Jordan and the UAE Branch. Discussions also approached the Branch future events including a seminar on a recent important Egyptian court decision related to arbitration and administrative decisions (the DIPCO Case), scheduled on 4 January 2023, a course on: Comparative Commercial Arbitration: Theory and Practice (CCATP) scheduled in May 2023, qualifying for the membership of the CIArb to be organized by the CRCICA (the seat of the Branch) jointly with the Branch, and a seminar on the Cross examination of experts. The next Branch AGM and Committee meeting were scheduled on 8 March 2023.

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 Published on Dec 02 2022

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