Institutional Mediation on the Rise

As part of its ongoing project with IFC, CRCICA is currently working on refining its mediation services through the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR), one of the world’s most renowned mediation training institutions. This involves the revision of CRCICA Mediation Rules in effect since 2001, establishment of a mediation case management system, as well as a CRCICA pool of trainers that are able to provide first-class mediation training in Egypt and the region.
A boosting start of this very promising institutionalization scheme was the CEDR Mediation Master Training CRCICA and IFC offered on December 15-17, 2011. This Course targeted selected group of candidates who were accredited as mediators upon successful completion of two CEDR training rounds in May 2010. The group of trainers is diverse, covering the legal, engineering and consulting professions, and includes a Lebanese participant.

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 Published on Mar 31 2012

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