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Key Procedural Issues in International Arbitrations Seated in Cairo: The Case for Pragmatic and efficient Solution, 18 June 2014

On June 18, 2014, Dr. Karim Youssef, partner and head of Middle East arbitration at Amereller Legal Consultants (associated with Mena Associates in Cairo) and associate professor of Law at Cairo University School of Law, gave a lecture titled “Key Procedural Issues in International Arbitrations Seated in Cairo: the Case for Pragmatic and Efficient Solutions.” The lecture was intended to be interactive and focused on practical aspects of doing document production in Cairo. The lecture instigated useful and informative reactions from the floor about the regulation of document production by the parties, under the Egyptian Evidence Law in Civil and Commercial Matters, and under the IBA Rules on the Taking of Evidence. The interaction with the audience that followed extended to broader aspects of arbitration in Egypt and the day-to-day practical experiences of arbitration practitioners, lawyers generally but also practitioners with non-legal backgrounds, which contributed to enriching the discussion.

Participants represented law firms, schools of law, construction and engineering companies, holding companies, industrial corporations, judicial authorities, general prosecutions, state courts, ministries, investment companies, banks, tourism sector, oil and gas corporations, maritime and social insurance companies, trade firms and international organizations.


 Posted in Seminar
 Event date Jun 18 2014

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